Keep it simple with the vaping device you buy.
Simple vapes are so much easier to use than advanced devices … The CK Smooth | 500 has been designed as a complete disposable unit which needs no maintenance, refilling, and recharging.

A variety of fun vape flavours to choose from means you will never get tired of the same taste. There is a flavour for every vaper’s palate. Popular favourites include fruit, beverages, foods, menthol, and tobacco. CK Smooth | 500 aims to cater for every tastebud.

Hurry Up!

These Won't Last Long

Vaping that suits your lifestyle

CK Smooth | 500 enhances your vaping experience

Easy to use

CK - Smooth | 500 is so convenient to use. Simply unpackage your vape stick, remove the end caps and puff to your pleasure. The CK - Smooth | 500 is draw activated with a fixed airflow.

Convenient Packaging

Sold in individual sticks and bulk packs for traders. Each CK Smooth | 500 vape stick is sealed in a plastic sleeve and ships with end caps to protect your stick whilst in transit or in storage.

LED Indicator

The LED indicator lets you know when your device has reached its end. When the light flashes simply dispose of it, and whip out your next CK Smooth | 500. No more lost chargers or leaking devices.

Ready to Vape

CK Smooth e-cigarettes are manufactured for your convenience. No need to charge or refill. Zero maintenance, 100% enjoyment. What are you waiting for? #Switch2Smooth

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